Benetton Kids Sunglasses

Best known for its colourful creations Benetton’s famous slogan ‘The United Colours of Benetton’ still holds. 

Today Benetton stands for fashion apparel with roots in Italian character, quality and passion and its ad campaigns are reflective, suggestive and controversial all at once.  Fashion, colours and ethics epitomise the Benetton beliefs.  Think about the world around you and the people in it is Benetton’s message.
The company has a long, long history of social and cultural campaigns, touching issues that affect the world we live in and now the creation of the Benetton Foundation is to spread the brand’s ethical awareness messages.  Think microcredit to struggling communities, think breast-feeding awareness to developing countries and think human rights, conservation of cultures and societies and you’re thinking along the same lines of Benetton’s commitment to the world it lives in.

Benetton kids sunglasses are where the Benetton fantasy for colours comes alive.  Bright and sparkling, these are colourful creations that follow in the footsteps of the vintage adult styles.  It’s in these colours that kids’ imaginations – and their hearts – captured.  There’s classic styles, aviators and wayfarers and pretty patterns bring the United Colours of Benetton together in one place.

Benetton started in 1965 in Treviso, Italy Luciano Benetton sold his brother’s bike to pay for a second hand sewing machine.  The initial reception for Luciano’s garments was so good he recruited his two brothers and sister and the Benetton Group was formed. In 1966 the first store was opened in Belluno, the second in Paris three years later.

Today there’s more than 6,000 stores and Benetton products include womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, underwear, toiletries, perfumes, kitchen accessories and baby products.

Benetton has courted controversy as well as creating it too.  Its purchase of lands in Patagonia came under criticism when the family living there was evicted and the animal welfare group PETA advocated a boycott of Benetton products when it was discovered that Benetton used sheep’s wool from animals that were practise to mulesing.  Mulesing is a controversial approach to stopping Flystrike disease on sheep, particularly in Australia, that involves surgical removal of wool bearing skin.  Benetton has since agreed to no longer use sheep where this is practised.

With Benetton kids’ sunglasses you see the inspiration from everything that children love. There’s ice-cream, sweets, dolls and toys and all in a mind-boggling array of colours for the youngest of our world to cherish and play in.  After all what good are kids’ sunglasses that don't hold up when play time comes knocking?  Benetton has this covered too with robust designs that protect and can be punished without fear of damage too.