Carve Sunglasses

Founded by Sydney surfers in 2000 Carve is a surf lifestyle brand that extends to the snowy slopes too. From Australia to Indonesia and New Zealand, where the sun and surf is great, to the snow of Australia’s Perisher, Threadbo and Falls Creek resorts. The brand’s history is carved from the mountains and the beaches of the southern hemisphere; its future is in those surfers and snowboarders. Here is an array of designs and an extensive collection of superb polarised lenses too.

Carve is a brand that is all at the same time sports and fashion conscious. Adored by surfers, Carve is a collection of iconic, retro, and trendy frames. Colours rule, and the array of styles make perfect wearing even if you’ve never set foot on a snowboard, surfboard or skateboard.

Since its beginning in 2000, Carve Eyewear has been committed to the surfing and snowboarding culture and is successfully taking this message around the world. The name itself comes from the carving turn loved by snowboarders and surfers as they turn on a wave or the snow. That’s where the brand was born and that is what runs through Carve’s blood. It’s a heritage that comes from the mountains; it’s a heritage that comes from the sea and the life of the riders that love the Carve way.

So naturally the products are created by surfers, by snowboarders and that is how Carve wants to stay.

Carve started selling eyewear into the Australian and Indonesian surf market. Then in 2001 Carve started selling eyewear to the snow market and sponsored the Perisher, Thredbo and Falls Creak snow resorts. This sponsorship remains today, showing that its roots are important to Carve. Its first clothing range was successfully launched in 2007, and in 2008 Carve launched eyewear into the New Zealand surf lifestyle.

Carve has always sponsored surfers and snowboarders and in 2008 began its sponsorship of Trent Munro who's also the Carve team ambassador. Today Drew Courtney, Trent Munro, Scott Dennis, Shaun Dickson and Dan Pryor lead the charge in Carve’s team riders.

Carve up the mountain. Make your mark on the world.