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Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton arrives at Tesco's in a Taxi following a trip to her favourite fashion store Topshop. It appears that Kate is reluctant to promote the clothes brand, as she places it inside the Tesco plastic bag, after picking up some groceries. We hope that Kate heeds the stores reminder 'Don't Forget Valentines Day' !!!

Taken 2/5/2007, London

Kate is wearing a safe style of sunglasses. A style that is not only timeless, but also a guaranteed winner for most ladies. Her sunglasses are the style you can wear on the beach or wear in the street without making too much of a statement. The style being such a classic style can be found in many collections with many different price tags. From Versace some of their understated frames would be perfect for a potential Queen of England. From Arnette we have linked to the Manifesto. A sporty/ casual style that is a completely safe bet with a middle of the line price tag. For just £25 you can pick up a pair of Nueu NU706 sunglasses. A unisex frame that is one of the most comfortable frames on the market.

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Kate Middleton Sunglasses
Kate Middleton Sunglasses