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Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez at the Miami Dolphins Vs. Tennessee Titans game in Miami.

Taken 12/27/2009, Florida, USA

Marc Anthony, who was once voted as one of the 25 most emasculated, disempowered, henpecked husbands on the planet by GQ, wears a pair of Tom Ford James Bond 007 sunglasses, as seen on one of the most masculine, empowering, domineering men on the planet, James Bond.

In 2008, James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) made his eagerly anticipated return to the big screen in Quantum of Solace, for which his style was decidedly shaper and more crisp, courtesy of Tom Ford.

Tom Ford James Bond 007 is an essential item for any avid Bond fan. This mod looking aviator has a UV protective lens mounted on a lightweight chrome exterior that is both suave and sleek with minimal detail, a look that is commercially sensible and in perfect keeping with the Bond character.

The sheathed stem tip is embossed with a Tom Ford logo plaque and provides long lasting comfort. The bridge is noticeably absent, with a pair of silicone nose pads in its place, helping you further stand out from the crowd.

Tom Ford understands consumer need for cool looking and ever more sophisticated eyewear and as a vendor of sex appeal in the form of fashionable wares, is the ideal candidate for a man of a virile stature such as James Bond.

Bond wears Tom Ford James Bond 007 in silver throughout the duration of Quantum of Solace (as shown above), also available in bronzed gold, shiny silver and brown. However, Tom Ford James Bond 007 sunglasses are not only worn by Bond but by Marc Anthony, Justin Timberlake, Jason Statham and even Jessica Biel.

Jennifer Lopez, the wife of Marc Anthony, is suing her ex-boyfriend Ojani Noa and his agent Ed Meyer for the attempted release of a home video tape said to contain sexually explicit material of the former couple.

However, according to her attorney John Lavely there is nothing 'close to sex in it', he tells PEOPLE magazine.

'We never alleged that. But it's still private and personal to my client.'

Ojani Noa is forbidden from using 11 plus hours of home video by the Los Angeles court, 20 percent of which allegedly features the singer in a mockumentary about his life as a Cuban immigrant in the previously titled How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story.

'They're trying to stop me from making my documentary and I'm fighting for my rights,' he said outside of the court room.

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Marc Anthony Sunglasses
Marc Anthony Sunglasses