Chopard Sunglasses

With a heritage spanning across over 150 years, Chopard is a brand that holds a tradition of excellence. Built from one designer; Louis-Ulysse Chopard soon built a reputation for precision and reliability, creating premium watches. Distributing to enthusiasts and found buyers from it’s sole workshop in the small village of Sonviller, Chopard was soon circulating as far afield as Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. The early 20s saw a shift in location and creative direction with the founder’s son Paul Louis Chopard taking over. Opening a second branch in La Chaux-de-Fonds and then relocating the brand’s HQ to Geneva, Chopard was within reach of a more cosmopolitan clientele. The early 60s was a transitional period for the now established jewellers as the Chopard sons decided to sell the business to the Scheufele family, a prestigious dynasty of watchmakers and jewellers.

Today, Chopard has a worldwide reputation for creating pieces that boast state-of-the-art technology and premium craftsmanship. This season, Sunglasses Shop welcomes Chopard to its extensive range of brands within its carefully selected Boutique brands. Chopard Sunglasses are subjected to galvanic treatment with 23 KT gold thickness. Once polished using nickel, the unprocessed eyewear is given a genuine gold bath. This phase of the involved process is conducted by expert craftsmen entirely by hand and is just one of the reasons why Chopard holds its reputation for premium craftsmanship. The eyewear is immersed by hand in a special bath until the gold coats the frame’s metal surface. After approximately 10 minutes, specialists removed each model. For its finishing touch each product’s metal details, trims, end pieces and temples are not produced through the use of normal moulds and industrial pressing systems, but through the milling and micro-fusion processes generally adopted by goldsmiths and jewellery makers.