Broken Flowers

The 2005 film, Broken Flowers sees Bill Murray in the from the stylish sunglasses brand Persol, as unlucky in love Don Johnston.

Don Johnston is once again dumped by his latest girlfriend, this is when Don receives an anonymous letter informing him that he has a nineteen year old son, who may be looking for him. Initially Don is uninterested by the letter but with busy body neighbour Winston urging him to investigate, Don embarks on a cross-country search for his past girlfriends. Trying to find the truth behind the letter Don examines his relationships and hopes to find out who his son is.

Although Don is a bit of a failure when it comes to love, he is definitely on top form in the sunglasses department with the . A sleek modern frame that offers great style and with the signature arrow logo, these sunnies are world class. These cool, contemporary shades are the perfect accessory to finish off your outfit, whether your opting for a comfortably casual or a smooth smart look, the is the pair of shades for you.

Broken Flowers Bill Murray in Broken Flowers
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