Chanel 6040H Only Perle

Crowning Glory of Real Fresh Water Pearls for Chanel’s Most Stunning Sunglasses Yet

Whenever we wear pearls they really are Chanel pearls, such was the influence of Gabrielle Chanel’s styling. With the subtlety of iridescence the unique pearl formed within the shell of pearl oysters and freshwater mussels are the most simple and beguiling of all the gemstones. They are now synonymous with Chanel and are revisited and rethought constantly by Karl Lagerfeld the caretaker and continuer of Chanel's legacy. 

Chanel has adorned its sunglasses beautifully with many of the codes from the brand’s illustrious heritage from tweed to monochrome to bows, but the pearl makes one of the most natural transitions to sunglass frames. And as Chanel’s tradition would have it both authentic and the costume kind have been a part of Chanel’s sunglasses. But it is the authentic pearl that is used in all its glory in the Only Perle collection.

Haute Sunglasses

brings Chanel’s pearls to sunglasses in its most extravagant manner yet in a playful take on this icon of luxury it's as if a string of pearls are laid over the brow of these sunglasses. With no less than twenty-four fresh water pearls set into the acetate crowning the brow of these haute sunglasses in dramatic ultra luxuriant display sunglasses are brought into new territory.

sunglasses are all hand finished. The pearls are painstakingly placed by hand into each of their twelve positions over each lens. Luxury meets restraint as ever with and this display is set slightly back from the frames front line giving a subtle flash of pearls without them fully revealing themselves.

6040H has a flattering feminine oversized cat eye shape that suits every face shape and size. The temples bear the lettered logo in metal authenticating your sunglasses. In the ultimate homage to the house and to the pearl, Chanel Only Perle is a dream sunglass.

sunglasses possess 100% protection from ultra violet rays. The havana incarnation of these sunglasses bears polarized lenses that block reflected light. These breathtaking sunglasses are presented in a branded case with a cleaning cloth.

Look out for the shorter cat eye Only Perle sunglass 6038H

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