Ksubi Sunglasses

In 2000, Australian surfers Dan Single, George Gorrow, Paul Wilson and Oska Wright formed Ksubi. The aim of the brand was simple: offer denim with an eclectic mix of ultra-chic styling with raw, anarchic undertones. The brand started out by producing just jeans and outfits before expanding into creating innovative sunglasses.

Boasting bold cats eye, outlandish Aviators and striking Wayfarers, we simply love the 2012 collection. This range links up with the new clothing range, with vibrant colours and textured designs dominating the sunglasses and optic frames in the designer's latest lineup.

As well as giving you head-turning style, the sunglasses in the Ksubi range also have a simplistic charm that will allow you to wear them with almost any outfit. You'll wow onlookers and attract admirers whether you wear them on the beach or on the street.

Ksubi (pronounced "soo-bee") are all about creating a stir and the Aussie style house produces bold eyewear for those who aren't afraid to add that edgy touch to their look. Back in 2001 the ever-controversial Ksubi made news worldwide with their catwalk show at Australian Fashion Week by releasing 200 live rats onto the runway to the shock of both the audience and models.

Known as Tsubi in Australia, Ksubi has become internationally recognised as one of Australia's most prominent designer labels. The design duo of Single and Gorrow have risen to become celebrity styling gurus, and are favourites with stars such as Madonna, Nicole Ritchie and Kate Bosworth.

The brand has also created eyewear in collaboration with Kanye West in 2008, further boosting their status among the design elite.

Ksubi's motto is Ad Astra, translating as "to the stars", and it certainly reflects the brand's daring style and meteoric rise to fame. Rebellious and youthful to the very core, Ksubi continue to produce trend-setting eyewear every season.