Dark Shadows, Coloured Shades

There are few that love their sunglasses as much as celebrities, but vampires come pretty close. And, Tim Burton knows better than anyone that a vampire requires fine apparel and smart sunglasses. Come dawn, the shades must come down for all those afflicted with the curse of vampirism. Vlad himself surely had quite a selection. Burton has been busy updating the sixties gothic soap opera Dark Shadows; the Twilight of it's day. A revisit to the vampirific, werewolfilicious and witch-tastic ABC show has been on the cards for the director for some time. Who better to play Barnabas Collins, an eighteenth century playboy turned vampire than partner in crime Johnny Depp?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and if she's a witch, well you really are toast. After breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard, played by Eva Green, Collins finds himself buried alive, well more undead actually and turned into a vampire. 200 years later he breaks free from his sleep to pick up the pieces of a dysfunctional family and more girl trouble. Hey, it's not so bad, at least there is more of an excuse to sport some choice sunglasses.

Long time Burton and Depp collaborator, Academy award winning costume designer Colleen Atwood is on the case again. Atwood worked with Depp recently on Bruce Robinson's film realisation of Hunter Thompson's Rum Diary and the Tourist before. Johnny wore savvy sunnies in both films. Johnny is a regular on the pages of Sunglasses Shop demonstrating superb eyewear. He likes himself a coloured lens, and enjoys the classic Sheldrake in numerous incarnations of lens and frame.

Oliver Peoples Sheldrake

From leaked images of Depp in action on the shores of Devon, it is clear that he is on Burton-business. We were thrilled to see pics showing Depp on our own turf in blue fedora, emerald green cape coat, crimson neck tie, charcoal suit, stiff high collar and wolf-headed walking cane. Rimless purple coloured lensed sunglasses completed the look. The actor surely has a hand in choosing his character's sunglasses and maybe more. Two of the actor's favourite accessories in the fedora and coloured lensed sunglass are worn in Dark Shadows. 

Oliver Peoples Strummer

You'll have to wait until next year to see Dark Shadows. But in the meantime,  if you are like us inspired by Barnabas or indeed Johnny Depp in general, stop before you get in touch with your local fangsmith or go for the jugular. Do the latter in a style way and take advantage of coloured lenses at Sunglasses Shop for some serious character. Here are a few sunglasses for the modern day vamps amongst you. 

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