Oakley Cases

    Tough and robust sunglasses deserve nothing less than the best protection. Oakley cases are engineered with steel in their blood to protect your sunglasses to the maximum. Well, it’s not steel but it is reinforced nylon a la Oakley’s soft vault, a durable shell of strong yet lightweight nylon that is the perfect home for your Oakley sunglasses. If your needs demand something with real steel in its blood then the strong yet lightweight metal vault will save your favourite frames from the toughest of conditions. Don’t be fooled by the name, Oakley soft vault is a tough piece of kit. Reinforced nylon in a semi-rigid design so you get durability in a light weight package. There’s a larger version too. It’s Oakley so you know it really will do its job.

    But Oakley’s carbon fibre case has real steel in its blood to bring you some of the best protection in the planet. With the look of carbon fibre it’s a skin of lightweight steel, it’s a crush resistant shell, it’s a mobile storage unit for some of the best engineered sunglasses in the world. There’s a logo plate and the case geometry takes full advantage of science itself.

    If you want something you could leave under a truck wheel (not that we’d recommend it) then Oakley’s range of metal vaults is for you. They’re called a vault for a reason. These safe-like cases will put their lives on the line for your sunglasses, everytime. Take them where you will, they’ll come back in one piece in an environment where protection can be everything.

    There’s more ways to keep the world’s best optics at their very best too. Oakley microfiber cleaning bags keep your sunglasses protected in a soft lens-friendly material that doubles as a cleaning cloth too. As soon as those lenses become scratched they start to lose their glare blocking powers, so Oakley insists that the bag is the only way to clean Oakley lenses.

    Microscopic scratches from ordinary lenses can be a problem after too much lens-loving and with inferior quality cloths it won’t take long before those scratches really will ruin your expensive lenses. It’s the only way to keep Oakley’s razor sharp optics at the cutting edge.

    You won’t compromise your vision when it comes to sunglasses so don’t compromise their protection. Protect your sunglasses properly and you’ll protect your eyes too.

    All of your sunglasses deserve a resting place that offers the best protection and that’s where Oakley come in. That’s why they call it the Vault.