Oakley MX Goggles

Goggles is where it all began for , so its safe to say they know their stuff, but if you’re reading this and are a fan of Oakley, then you’ll know this already.
Whatever your surface are designed for the best. Whether you’re shredding snow-capped mountains or destroying dirt tracks its performance and protection all the way down, over and along with Oakley goggles.

dirt bike goggles are for those who love to get stuck in on the dirt tracks. If a good mud bath is your bag, then need to be in your bag. The choice of riders such as Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart and Ryan Villopoto, these guys are at the very top of their game and whilst pelting round an unforgiving track, the last thing on their minds is vision, with Oakley Mx Goggles, premium vision comes as standard.

Of course, it’s so it goes without saying that it’s the best in frame construction and design and that means protection and clarity in each and every corner. You’ll see clearer with the extended size lenses and their anti-fog properties. But it’s as much about the Oakley attitude.
Don’t take our word for it (well actually you should because we are the experts) but Oakley goggles are worn by the elite for a reason. Oakley are fanatics about everything to do with gravity, risk and the best technology. Try on a pair of their goggles, you’ll see why they best wear them. They’re that great.

With Oakley, you get the three things that you need from any goggle; comfort, amazing clarity and no fog. They test every frame for fit and all day comfort. The lenses are shaped to give you total clarity across the entire surface of the lens. Dual vented lenses and F3 anti-fog technology stop fogging.
There's a goggle shape to fit every face size; they're available with polarised lenses and those lenses with iridium coatings; they're helmet compatible and the Proven and L Frame will even take your prescription.

Get stuck in. Get Oakley