Oakley Watches

Of course sport is at Oakley’s heart and this heart beats with the perfect timing of Oakley’s timepieces. In their watches Oakley capture the spirit and the precision of performance from the world’s best athletes. Oakley timepieces are the best in Swiss precision engineering, with the same uncompromising approach to quality and craftsmanship for a performance that has defined Oakley’s athletes in the same way in defines its watches.

This is timekeeping passion. As with all Oakley engineering it’s where physics meets art. It’s where Swiss excellence meets Oakley design for perfect precision in timekeeping.

Each watch from Oakley’s timepiece collection is recognised for its excellence, and each instrument is crafted with unrivalled style.

Oakley turn timepieces into masterpieces, so you get wonderfully sculpted designs that are at the same time objects of performance that go well beyond industry standards.

Any old watch can tell the time. But Oakley watches bring you the time in a new way. Oakley watches inspire Swiss watch making into new standards; it’s a place where physics meets art. So new technology meets the style of old craftsmanship and you get watches that are so beautiful in design and manufacture that they become wanted objects.

It’s life perfectly measured in a fraction of a fraction of a second.

Oakley brings new world design to old world craftsmanship to create a collection of timepieces that truly make physics an art form.


Oakley’s designs have up to 13-jewel Swiss movement, there’s some true Swiss made timepieces in the Oakley watch collection.


Light weight metals, including Titanium meld comfortably to you wrist.


Oakley will match the durability of surgical stainless steel with pure sapphire, the hardest crystal used in watchmaking.


Oakley would never overlook design for function, and their watches are a collection of design originals.


It’s always the best in split second timing and precision with Oakley’s chronographs.