Oakley Women Clothing

    Performance, technology and fashion is the way and this philosophy has resulted in some of the best engineered sunglasses, goggles and accessories on the planet. For , it all started with a mad-scientist Jim Jannard. He believed that everything could be made better. In 1975 Jim started out with just $300 and made a motorbike handgrip made from a uniquely new material, Unobtainium. It fitted the rider’s hand better than anything before it. It actually increased grip with sweat too.

    Today is available in over 20 different countries and is famous worldwide for its un touchable technology that sees always 10 paces ahead of the next leading sportswear brand.

    At Sunglasses Shop we’ve been fans of since it first came to us all those years ago. 's blend of science and art means we can stock some of the best known and best loved sunglasses in performance and lifestyle eyewear, so you can imagine how delighted we are to be welcoming their fabulous 's apparel. From cute beach dresses, to winter knits 's clothing is the perfect mix of on trend, contemporary detailing and practical and comfortable designs.