Oakley Sunglasses

Performance, technology and fashion is the Oakley way and this philosophy has resulted in some of the best engineered sunglasses, goggles and accessories on the planet.

All Oakley sunglasses are built using Oakley technology; it’s where physics meets art. Among it the High Definition Optics give you the best clarity and a Three-Point-Fit means your sunglasses will only touch your nose bridge and temples. It allows for more comfort. As well as being practical, the contemporary designs means Oakley sunglasses give a real edge to your image.

Unobtainium grips means the sunglasses will stay where you want them and with at least 600 other patents Oakley is nothing like you’ve ever seen and nothing like you’ve ever worn.

And at Sunglasses Shop we’ve been fans of Oakley sunglasses since it first came to us all those years ago. Oakley’s blend of science and art means we can stock some of the best known and best loved sunglasses in performance and lifestyle eyewear.

The Story of Oakley Sunglasses

For Oakley, it all started with a mad-scientist Jim Jannard. He believed that everything could be made better. In 1975 Jim started out with just $300 and made a motorbike handgrip made from a uniquely new material, Unobtainium. It fitted the rider’s hand better than anything before it. It actually increased grip with sweat too.

Next came Jim’s real breakthrough. The O-Frame goggle, with its perfectly cylindrical arc, stayed on the MX scene for the next 17 years. Riding stars championed the goggles’ clarity and wide peripheral view.

The first Oakley sunglasses were Eyeshades and Tour de France cyclist Greg Lemond loved the protection it offered and was the first pro to approach Oakley.
Today Oakley is the mark of excellence for those who cannot compromise on performance. The designs blend technology and with more than 600 patents. It’s become a science at Oakley, but a science that’s combined with art to produce some of the best engineered sunglasses on the planet.

These days many regard Oakley’s research and development method as second to none and perhaps that’s their secret. But don’t take our word for it (well actually you should because we are the experts) but Oakley are worn by the elite for a reason. But you don’t need to be the best of the best to get the best.

Why Choose Oakley Sunglasses?

Oakley’s technology is immense too. The High Definition Optics (HDO) are unrivalled in their clarity. Your eyes won’t shift as they readjust their focus as can happen with inferior lenses, and you get the best impact protection too. And it’s not just in the lens, the frame will hold up just as well.  As we said, there's 600 patents and more.

A huge choice of lens tints gives you balanced light transmission for wherever your sport takes you; can improve depth perception or colour recognition and come in polarised, photochromic options. Iridium coatings will help with harmful UV and infra red and many are prescription friendly too.

Oakley redefine, transcend and reject convention.

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