Oakley Earsocks

    Oakley Accessory Kits

    Give your sunglasses your own style twist or replace your existing earsocks. Oakley accessory kits are available in loads of colour options and each kit contains a set of sleeves and two nosepiece sizes just so you can get the perfect fit. They’re all Unobtainium too, so the harder you work the more the sunglasses stick to your face.

    All Oakley accessories are built using Oakley technology; it’s a place where physics meets art.

    And at Sunglasses Shop we’ve been fans of Oakley since it first came to us all those years ago. Oakley’s blend of science and art means we can stock some of the best known and best loved gear in performance and lifestyle.

    For Oakley, it all started with a mad-scientist Jim Jannard. He believed that everything could be made better. In 1975 Jim started out with just $300 and made a motorbike handgrip made from a uniquely new material, Unobtainium. It fitted the rider’s hand better than anything before it. It actually increased grip with sweat too. Goggles and eyewear followed.

    These days many regard Oakley’s research and development method as second to none and perhaps that’s their secret. But don’t take our word for it (well actually you should because we are the experts) but Oakley are worn by the elite for a reason. But you don’t need to be the best of the best to get the best.