Oakley Lenses

    When you’re training you want the best performance from your body and your sunglasses. The weather just doesn’t care though. It will take you from bright sun to overcast skies and everything in-between.

    Oakley engineer an interchangeable lens design that lets you adapt. With Oakley’s accessory lens sets, you’ll always have the best view for whatever the sky throws at you.

    With Oakley’s accessory lenses you can adapt to changing light conditions or just change your look by switching to a different lens. It just takes seconds.
    Choose the shape and colour to optimise your performance. Select a vented design if you want cooling airflow. Choose iridium lens coatings to reduce glare, balance light, and get optimal performance in your current environment. And when glare is blinding, take advantage of the best polarised lenses on the planet.
    Oakley polarisation technology uses a liquid infusion process to bond the polarising filter at the molecular level. So great polarisation is in Oakley’s genes.
    Whatever your need, the lenses are here.