Sand Sunglasses

There’s three main things that defines SAND as a brand and which permeates its sleek sunglasses and eyewear.  SAND is passion, innovation and timeless designs.  SAND sunglasses are passion, innovation and timeless designs.

The sunglasses collection are part of an overall philosophy in which SAND constantly strives for perfection in everything it does.  It’s the details and the delicacy that makes SAND.

SAND is Danish and started in 1981 from the inspiration of Lene and Soren Sand and from that beginning the pair have shown an exceptional sense of style and fit, and this shows throughout the whole collection.  Now based in Copenhagen SAND has stores across the world as the SAND philosophy comes to the international market.

What Does It Mean to Buy Sand Sunglasses?

The sunglasses are slick and precise, clean lines and elegant styles steeped in the heritage of the world’s best loved sunglasses.  SAND is Italian ideas with a Scandinavian simple approach and has created some of the most beautiful sunglasses in the world.

SAND say that if it was a colour, that colour would be the colour of passion, a deep red of passion with the velvety textures of beauty and timeless luxury.

That idea goes to explain SAND’s celeb following, with the likes Kirsten Dunst and Kylie recently snapped in SAND’s exquisite robes and accesories.  SAND regularly appears in the glossy mags too – Vogue, Elle and VS of recent have all featured SAND designer apparel of late.

Everything SAND does is characterised by functional fits, elegant silhouettes and beautiful fabric.  Its sunglasses combine the laid back culture of Italian lifestyle with Danish simplicity and Scandinavian craftsmanship.  SAND is style and quality.

SAND sunglasses collection at Sunglasses Shop is all this wrapped up in a wonderful eyewear collection and one that is fuelled by passion and attention to detail.   SAND means high demands for quality with every one of its key virtues or passion, fashion and innovation expressed perfectly in SAND designs.