Swarovski Sunglasses

From humble origins as a glass-cutter it was in 1892 that Daniel Swarovski created a machine that would allow crystal to be cut with more precision. In 2011 the world’s leading crystal sculptor, Swarovski launches its first sunglasses collection and crystal has worked its magic on every pair.

The Swarovski company we know today was founded in 1895 and has a score of subsidiaries producing everything crystal from ornaments to optics to electrical goods. The Rockefeller Christmas tree was nine feet of Swarovski crystal and the chandelier in phantom of the Opera was also cut of Swarovski crystals.
In the past you will have found the luxurious embellishment of Swarovski on Bvlgari, Dior and Tiffany but now Swarovski has chosen to make a fashion statement in its own right taking ‘creativity to ultraglamorous limits’.

‘Incredible sophistication and detail emerge as the common denominators of this Spring/Summer 2011 collection. By combining their skills, Swarovski and Marcolin have created a unique collection that offers color, sparkle and elegance.’

You’ll find temples that are made up entirely of prisms to reflect the nature of a crystal and the famous Swarovski swanflower motif. It’s for fashionistas who want to attract.

It’s a world of sensual, elegant and timelessness. A world of timeless classics and a world of quintessential Swarovski styling that will light up your face and your style with a real sparkle.